West Policies have Killed millions of Muslims in last 15 years


Creating mischief, looting poor nations, backing dictators, criminals, rebels, traitors and terrorists these are the policies of christian states for centuries.

Let's talk about USA, UK and France these are the major christian states  that are backing 90% dictators, rebels, criminals and terrorists of the world, while the same countries could be seen chanting a word called 'democracy' all time.

Backing Democracy
Do you think US, UK, France, Italy and others really backing Democracy? Answer is simple and short NO. Because if you think so then you are traped in USA Zionist led propaganda that are served 80% of media channels of the world every day on television. The christian states never backed democracy on the contrary USA, UK, and France are killer of democracy eg. Iran, Egypt and Pakistan.

USA, Europe killing democracy in Muslim world
Iran: In 1953 USA, UK helped 'Imperial House of Pahlavi' to overthrow the democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh of Iran. UK called it operation Boot and US named it operation Ajax.

Egypt: In 2013 Egyptian army chief 'General Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi' removed the first democratically elected President of Egypt Mohamed Morsi from the power and arrested him. And all this was not easy without the blessing of Christan States (UK, USA, France, Germany, others...).

Pakistan: In 1999 Army General 'Pervez Musharraf' seized the control of the civilian government of publicly elected Prime Minister 'Nawaz Sharif' in Pakistan. And USA was sending the millions of dollars to the same 'army general' for its adventure (war) against poor Afghanistan.

Backing Dictators
When it comes to backing dictators USA, UK and France are in the front line, eg: Iraq. On 22 September 1980 when Iraqi Dictator 'Saddam Hussain' attacked Iran then all Christan States were helping him with modern weapons and military intelligence. Invasion led to eight years of war between Iran and Iraq that killed millions of people. There are many dictators that are running their empire with the blessing of christian states.

Christian Leaders have so much blood on Hands
Christian states have killed millions of pople in last few decades and it's still going on in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Sudan, Egypt, Yemen and in many other nations.

The country that does not obey or kowtow to the christian states are listed as 'axis of evil' regardless it is muslim, buddhist or communist nation. In short christian states are running business of looting, killing and extortion for centuries. In the last 100 years christian states have killed more than 50 million people across the world and looted, destroyed more than 37 countries.

Christian States Fighting Terrorism?
Do you think Osama has capability to attack 'world trade center' without the help of CIA, Israel or USA's allies?
Actually sentence 'Fighting Terrorism' is a political word that is offen used by a politician to hide his/her failures and militarily powerful countries (UK,France,USA,Israel) use it to loot and invade poor and weak nations.

'Fighting Terrorism' is not means you invade any country and destroy because it has no military power to defend itself. eg: Iraq and Libya these two nations were peaceful till the time 'USA NATO' have not decided to bomb.

In Libya USA, France, UK, NATO gathered some 'uneducated people' asked them to block the roads then provided them offensive weapons to fight against the Libyan government. Today the same Libyans regretting after Gaddafi's death and they do not know when the peace will return in country after 8 years.

Mission Accomplished in Libya
European, American and English leaders now control the rich African country and they will not stop fighting terrorism till the oil and gas exist in Libya.

Mission failed in Syria and Iraq
Christian States tried their best to support terrorist in Syria and Iraq but failed because of Iran, Russia and Hezbollah. When ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) was just 40 km far from Bagdad all christian states were playing flute. At the same time US and Israeli Air Forces were helping ISIS terrorists wherever 'Syrian Arab Army' used to dominate the ISIS terrorists US used to bomb Syrian Arab Army.

ISIS terrorist Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi (Simon Elliot) who was trained by CIA just after the invasion of Iraq failed and Unmasked by the Iranian and Russian media. It was not possible without the sacrifice of Russian, Iranian and Hezbollah soldiers. THANKS Putin you not only saved Syria and Iraq but Lebanon and many other nations from USA-Israeli deception.

All Christian States backing terror state Israel
After the defeat of Ottoman Empire during world war England (Britain) occupied Palestine. By pointing gun on head of arabs English army ruled Palestine till the birth of Israel.

It was England that called jews from across the world and handed over an arab country (Palestine) to the Jews. Along-with  England France and USA also helped Israelis (Jews) to establish jewsih state (Israel). For 70 years Christian states still backing israeli terror against arabs with money, modern weapons and political support at United Nations.

France, UK helped jewish state (Israel) to obtain nuclear weapons and most recently Germany provided half dozen submarines to Israel that could carry nuclear missiles. US gives more than $20 billion every year to the jewish state and also share its best WAR MACHINES (F35 stealth warplanes, Patriot missiles, Spy satellites and many other deadly weapons..) to kill Arabs.

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