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Khalifa Haftar says he will shoot down Turkish airplanes flying in the Libyan air space.

US backed military officer 'Khalifa Haftar' has threatened to shoot down Turkish airplanes flying in the Libyan air space.

Libya's Khalifa bombs migrant center

US backed self-styled RULER Khalifa Haftar's airstrike on migrant center killed 44 people.

US shoot-down of Iran Air flight 655 on July 3,1988

Iran Air flight 655 was climbing inside an internationally recognized route to Dubai when the US cruiser fired two missiles at it and killed all the people on board.

US warns Iran says it keeps moving country closer to our troops in Middle East

Unlimited hypocrisy of satan America now says Iran must not deploy its national guards to protect borders.

Kashmir group seeks UN probe into torture by India troops

Rights group in Indian-controlled Kashmir is advocating for the United Nations to establish a commission of inquiry to investigate torture by government forces.

France threatens journalists with jail time for exposing use of French arms in Yemen.

France has threatened three French journalists with potential jail time for using secret documents to reveal the country's involvement in the Yemen civil war.

British general challenged US claims says there is no threat from Iran.

America publicly rebuked a senior British general who challenged claims that Iranian-backed groups are preparing to mount attacks against Western assets in the Middle East.

USA, NATO burned Libya looted its all gold and silver

Christian states bombed, killed and robbed a rich Muslim country.

If Tony Blair Can’t Be Prosecuted for War Crimes Then No One Can

If a man who played a key role in waging a war that was directly responsible for the deaths of up to one million people cannot be made to face justice then there is no justice.

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