Putin failed to condemn attack on Saudi oil facility Aramco


Rouhani, Zarif, Erdogan chuckle at Putin's offer to help Saudi Arabia.

"We are ready to provide respective assistance to Saudi Arabia, and it would be enough for the political leadership of Saudi Arabia to make a wise government decision -- as the leaders of Iran did in their time -- by purchasing the S-300 and as (Turkish) President (Tayyip) Erdogan did by purchasing the latest S-400 'Triumph' air-defense systems from Russia," Putin said after talks with leaders of Turkey and Iran in Ankara.

These Russian weapons would protect any infrastructure facilities of Saudi Arabia, he added.

While Putin failed to condemn attack on Saudi oil facility at the same time he was looking calm and in comedy mood.

Erdogan asked to reporters who started all this mess in Yemen.

Hassan Rouhani said an attack on Saudi Arabia's Aramco oil facilities was a reciprocal measure by "Yemeni people" to assaults on their country, hours after a Saudi-led coalition said the attacks were carried out with Iranian weapons.

Source: https://www.yahoo.com/news/rouhani-zarif-chuckle-putins-offer-131846059.html

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