Fake Trump and his fake Marriage, Melania Trump living a 'separate life'

Speculation around the somewhat mysterious First Lady of the United States has run rife since Donald Trump won the presidency in November 2016, and an explosive new book says there’s a very good reason why that is.

Rumours of ‘fake Melania’, an extended and largely unexplained hospital stay, repeated slip ups caught on tape; a new book is claiming they are all symptoms of a sham marriage.

The latest book from Michael Wolff - author of Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House - cites over one hundred sources, and says the Trumps have a ‘non-marriage’ that is simply rolled out for the cameras.

However the wild claims have not been widely accepted, with the book receiving criticism from both sides of politics.

Ryan Lizza wrote for The Washington Post that the book contains “factual errors that mar the author’s credibility”.

The President hasn’t responded to the new book, but described Wolff’s first book in a tweet as, “the Fake Book of a mentally deranged author, who knowingly writes false information”.

Wolff’s new book
Siege: Trump Under Fire was released earlier this month, and made the explosive claim that the First Lady not only never wanted to set foot in the White House, but is quite happy leading a ‘separate life’ from her husband, an arrangement that also seems to suit the President just fine.

“I never saw any evidence of a marriage,” said Steve Bannon, a former advisor and the director of the President’s 2016 campaign.

Mr Bannon also mentioned that from the President’s perspective, Melania rarely factored into decision making in any capacity.

He told the author that any reference to the First Lady, “drew a puzzled look from Trump, as if to say, ‘How is she relevant?’”

However, Mr Bannon also admitted to having no contact with the President for over a year, leading some to question his authority on the subject of his personal life.

Separate bedrooms

The book reiterates the longtime rumour that Trump and Melania have separate bedrooms, and interactions are kept to a minimum.

Now Wolff claims the First Lady’s famously delayed move to the White House – which was aimed at keeping their son in New York until the end of his school year — was in fact no permanent relocation at all.

“And, in fact, the First Lady was not really in the White House,” the author explosively claims.

“It had taken Melania almost six months to officially relocate from New York to Washington, but that was in name only.”

Some of the wilder rumours include that The First Lady is frequently impersonated by a body double at official events. Photo: Getty Images
This comes on the back of an online conspiracy theory that the First Lady is often impersonated by a body double that have pick up steam once again after the couple’s visit to Europe for D-Day commemorations.

The First Lady and President have long been dogged by rumours of marital unrest, perhaps the most explosive being the Stormy Daniels affair allegations.

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