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Trump Files Suit to Prevent Release of his Tax Returns

US President Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit in a bid to prevent the disclosure of years of his tax returns

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Trump Threatens to Nuke Afghanistan says he could Wipe out

US President Trump says could wipe out Afghanistan from the earth within 10 days he has a plan.

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Iran detains US navy sailors for breaking international law

Islamic Revolutionary Guards seized Two US Navy boats and detained 10 sailors for breaking international law in the Persian Gulf.

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Israel is the only nation without official borders on planet

Terror Israel continue annexing territory with the help of christian states.

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Netanyahu Lying about Iranian Nuclear program for 20 years

Netanyahu a crying wolf, hypocrite and mischief maker who killing arabs and stealing their lands for decades.

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Trump: it was Netanyahoo who asked to quit Iran Deal

We convinced the US president [to exit the deal] and I had to stand up against the whole world and come out against this agreement,” Netanyahu says in the video.

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Trump threatens ICC against prosecuting Americans, Israelis for war crimes

Trump has warned the International Criminal Court (ICC) of “swift and vigorous response” if the Hague-based tribunal investigates Americans and Israelis for war crimes.

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